Welcome on MediaColo

We are a startups development farm ;-)
Our aim create small and big webservices, sites and apps for our happy users..

About us

Some words about us

We love building small and large websystems, cool startups, fast created MVP and apps.

  • Mission - We create funny, creative websites, websystems and apps.
  • Credo - Hundreds of designs versions... few years of development... 3 1415 hours of meetings - and anybody know what project aims .. Fuck it!
    We deploy it on product servers until next month for our happy users! Use it now, not on next century!
  • Skills - fresh web technologies, full stack development: PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Codeigniter, Symfony, Bootstrap, Sphinx, Elasticsearch, jQuery, AngularJS etc.. and of course we Apple
  • Aim - Create cats powered google ;-)

Some our projects

our projects - it is a small grain field on our web farm..

Feel free to contact us

Email: info@mediacolo.net